How can you get the benefits of a garden without having to tend your own? Community gardening! Here are the benefits and the locations of several.

Benefits of Community Gardening:

  • Strengthen your community by working together towards a common goals
  • Get to know your neighbors, interact with people from different backgrounds
  • Teach youth about environmental sustainability
  • Exchange hands-on gardening experience
  • Enjoy the increased sense of calm, wellness and belonging green spaces provide
  • Recycle grass clippings, tree trimmings and other organic waste
  • Consume inexpensive fresh produce
  • Support low-income families donating harvest excess to charities

South Side Community Garden

Bennora Lee Court behind Gundersen Lutheran Medical Center
789-5620 (Tegan Daly)

Washburn Community Garden

900 block of Division Street

Kane Street Community Garden

Corner of Kane and St. Cloud streets

Clearwater Farms Community Garden

760 Green Coulee Road

Onalaska Mayo Health System Clinic Community Garden

Adjacent to the clinic, on Theater Rd, Onalaska.
782-9760 (Mike Brown).

La Crescent Community Garden

Corner of the church property at Jonathan Lane and N. 9th St, La Crescent, MN.

East Recreation Center Community Gardens

210 Zumbro Street, Winona, Minn.
(507) 453-1633