Coulee Parenting Fares Well
at the 2018 Parenting Media Awards

The Parenting Media Association (PMA) announced the winners on Saturday of its editorial and design competition at a banquet held at the conclusion of its annual meeting in St. Petersburg, Florida on Friday, March 2, 2018.

The PMA, a nonprofit representing the family media market since 1988, received 560 entries for 2017 magazine issues and digital products. Professor Reuben Stern of the University of Missouri-Columbia, consistently recognized as one of the country’s most prestigious schools for journalism, oversaw the judging. The Overall General Excellence winners for 2017 were Coulee Parenting, Doha Family, Little Rock Family, Baltimore’s Child, Nashville Parent, Indy’s Child, Dallas Child, Colorado Parent, and Metro Parent.

“Our awards recognize the best work done in our industry,” says PMA President Mary Cox. “Our member publications engage with families throughout the United States, Canada, and Australia, be it through print, websites, email, social media, and events. Our collective goal is to make parenting easier – after all, it’s the most important job in the world – and even more of a fun ride.”

For more information on the PMA, its winners, or any of the communities it covers, contact Cate Sanderson, Executive Director, at 203-515-9294.

This is the first year Coulee Parenting Connection has been recognized in the highly competitive General Excellence category.

General Excellence
Bronze: Coulee Parenting Connection; Meg Schoh, Lissa Carlson, Sarah Murphy, Tiffin Ivens, Clare Wight, Kim Franken

Judges’ comments:
“Offbeat, original story ideas lead to issues that are full of surprising content, month after month. An issue to celebrate the publication’s ‘Sweet 16,’ for example, takes the theme in a number of directions — from 16 things to do and places to go to 16 ways to be happy and kind. Content is brisk, headlines are sassy, and the overall impression is a publication in tune with its community.”

Best Redesigned Publication
Gold: Coulee Parenting Connection, Karen Wallander, Meg Schoh, Lissa Carlson

Judges’ comments:
“The design of this publication is outstanding. The text and head fonts work well; the line lengths are highly legible. Longer stories look like short stories because of multiple entry points and white space. Covers are stronger with the new approach to strong head shots. The design is active and quiet at the same time.”

Table of Contents Design
Gold: Coulee Parenting Connection; “April/May 2017”; Karen Wallander, Meg Schoh, Lissa Carlson

Judges’ comments:
“Clean layout and strong typography help readers quickly take in the range of stories and find what interests them. Photos are well positioned to hold the layout together.”

Publisher’s/Editor’s Note
Silver: Coulee Parenting Connection, Lissa Carlson, Meg Schoh

Judges’ comments:
“Ms. Carlson consistently offers a cheerful and uplifting introduction to her magazine, inspiring in readers the desire to dig further into the publication.”

Single Page Design
Silver: Coulee Parenting Connection; “Year in Review”; Karen Wallander, Lissa Carlson

Judges’ comments:
“The use of color is a nice way to organize information and lead the reader through a calendar. Inset photos are also nicely handled, and help to highlight more significant dates. Use of greys help more bold, prominent elements recede into the background.”