Meet thousands of Coulee Region parents face to face at the annual Family Fun Expo, the largest event in our area devoted exclusively to families!

Our RED CARPET theme is guaranteed to draw a crowd again this year!



If your business caters to families, you need to check out the FAMILY FUN EXPO, where you’ll have the opportunity to engage and interact with thousands of parents looking for activities, products, and services for their families.
The face-to-face interaction the Expo provides is ideal for developing personal relationships that strengthen customer loyalty far more than phone conversations or email campaigns.
You won’t want to miss this rare opportunity to connect with families.
  • Capture a highly targeted, local audience of families with children
  • Sell products and services on site
  • Make face-to-face connections
  • Obtain emails to build your marketing list
  • Book appointments on site
  • Demonstrate and create interactive experiences that showcase your product or services


Send your completed REGISTRATION FORM and check to:

Coulee Parenting Connection
P.O. Box 2576
La Crosse, WI 54602
or email to
A 50-word listing is included in our Family Fun Expo Directory with any booth, goodie bag, or display ad! Submit your listing HERE.

Get the booth you want!
Earlier contracts increase the likelihood of ensuring the right booth space for you.

Can’t attend?
You can still have a presence at the Expo! Look into our goodie bag/advertising options!