Still don’t think the life messages girls and boys are getting are all that different? Check out these magazine covers for a striking comparison. The photo was taken by a father with three daughters. 
We’re crushing stereotypes for girls, but we’re not doing the same for boys. Why is this a problem? Because feminism isn’t about being a strong girl. It’s about equality and respect, and these things aren’t limited to one gender.
In 1976, Redbook magazine published one of the very first surveys on sexual harassment, a new term at that time coined the year before. More than 90 percent of the survey’s respondents had experienced unwanted attention in the workplace.  
In Spring 2017, Redbook conducted the very same survey. This time, 80 percent of respondents reported unwanted attention in the workplace. 
More than 40 years later, the best we can do is a little more than a 10 percent improvement?

Chiamando Adichie is best known as the Nigerian author of “Americanah” (Knopf Doubleday, 2013). When her friend Ijeawele gave birth to a daughter, Adichie responded with a 15-step manifesto on how to raise a feminist child.

Did you know women pay more for basics like shampoo and razors? It’s called the “pink tax.” Learn more here: